Q. Does the range sell ammo and targets?
A.  No, Freeport R & R does not sell ammo or targets.

Q. How long is the indoor range?
A. Indoor range is 17 yards.

Q. How long is the outdoor range?
A. Outdoor range is 50 yards but 25 yards takes precedence.

Q. Can I move ahead of the 25 yard line outdoors?
A. You can go ahead of the 25 yard line as long as all shooters shoot from the same distance.

Q. Can I shoot rifle or PCC indoors?
A. No rifle or PCC shooting indoors except for .22 rifle.

Q. Can I shoot rifle outside?
A. Rifle can be shot outdoors only in the sand pit rifle shooting area as marked by signs.

Q. Can I use my own targets outside?
A.  Yes, you can set up your own targets. Steel must be placed to the right of the club steel   and under the overhang.  Always take away your targets when you are done shooting.

Q. Can I shoot the club steel with rifle?
A.  Only from the 50 yard line

Q. Can I shoot outside at night?
A. Outdoor range closes at dusk.

Q. Is it a cold range?
A. Range is hot except when competing in club USPSA and IDPA matches.

Q. Is there an outdoor safe table?
A. Yes, to the left of the range at the 25 yard line

Q. Can I unload in the indoor ready room?
A. No, you must always unload at the firing line or outdoor safe table. There is
no ammo allowed on the ready room table.

Q. Can I bring guests?
A.  Guests are welcome to come to the range and use the facilities but are not allowed past the firing line and cannot touch firearms.

Q. Can I call a ceasefire?
A. Anyone can call a ceasefire if they observe an unsafe situation.

Q. Can I make the range safe?
A. Anyone can call the line safe and that person is responsible to ensure all guns are unloaded and facing downrange with the action side up prior to calling a safe line.

Q. How many indoor points are there?
A. 6.

Q. Is there a range officer on duty?
A. No, but range officer phone numbers are prominently posted should you have questions or need assistance.

Q. What should I do in case of an emergency?
A. In case of an emergency on the range, immediately call 911.

Q. Do I need to be a member to shoot monthly IDPA and USPSA matches?    
A. No.

Q. What Calibers can I shoot indoors?
A. All calibers except rifle and magnum rounds. No steel ammo.

Q. What if I forget my entry badge?
A. No member may enter the range behind another shooter without swiping their badge, and all shooters must prominently display their ID badge when shooting.

Q. Can I shoot black powder guns?
A. Black powder guns may be shot outside at 25 years only.

Q. Is shotgun shooting permitted?
A. Slug only may be shot outside at 25 yards in the sand pit rifle shooting area.

Q. Can I shoot Skeet?
A. You are not permitted to shoot skeet.

Q. Is Bow shooting permitted?
A. Bow shooting is permitted outside at 25 yards.

Q. Should I clean up my brass?
A. You are required to clean up your brass both indoors and outdoors after shooting. There are brooms, dustpans and brass containers clearly marked for your convenience.

Q. Is there a first aid kit for minor injuries?
A. There is a fully stocked first aid kit located inside the clubhouse.